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# Two-Step Authentication

This section covers enablind and using Two-Step Authentication

# Accessing Two-Step Authentication

To access Two-Step Authentication, sign into the control panel and then click on the "Advanced Features" icon, followed by the "Two-Step Authentication" link.

access two-step authentication

access two-step authentication

# Setup Two-Step Authentication

In order to use Two-Step Authentication you need to download the Google Authenticator App for your phone(or equivalent), and scan in the QR code.

The App will show you a code, which you will use to Login to DirectAdmin.

There is also Scratch Codes alternative. Scratch Codes are one-time use codes in case you don't have your phone, so keep them safe.

Generate two-step authentication secret

First, enter desired Description. You will see it in your "Google Authenticator" app in case you have several DirectAdmin accounts and want to identify each one.

Second, press "Generate Secre" button. A QR Code will appear. Scan selected code with "Google Authenticator" app. You will see code on your phone. Enter code to test that it works correctly.

Now, as you have setup your secret, you can configure authentication. You may choose to enable it, allow API logins and chosose to notify yourself if login fails.

Note: Don't forget to press "Save" button after you are done.

You can also add Scratch Codes in case you don't have your phone near. Press "Add Codes" button to generate codes. You will have to choose expiry date of the codes. Choose desired date and press "Add Codes" button again. A table of generated codes will appear. Write them down or print them by pressing "Print" button in case of emergency.

scratch codes list

# Need more help?

Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at http://forum.directadmin.comopen in new window.